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Birth Centre client Carly is surrounded by hands, in a tub, with a crying newborn on her chest.

To birth at Ode’imin, you must be in the care of a WRHA midwife. Learn more about obtaining midwifery care.

Ode’imin is a safe, comfortable, client-centred place for those having a low-risk pregnancy and are under the care of a WRHA midwife. Ode’imin aims to create a welcoming space for your birth experience. 

Your prenatal appointments
Your first appointment will usually happen in the first two to four months of your pregnancy. Other times, our clients are offered midwifery care much later in their pregnancy.

You can bring your partner, your family, or your friend to your prenatal appointments. We encourage you to visit with your midwife and talk about your well-being during pregnancy. Your midwife will answer any questions you may have and provide you with valuable information to prepare you for birth, infant feeding, babies, and more. During these appointments, your midwife may take your blood pressure, listen to the fetal heart rate, get any lab work done, and other routine check-up elements. Your midwife may also perform a physical exam, including a full check-up, early in your pregnancy. although less common, your midwife may also perform a breast assessment or pelvic exam. We always respect your privacy and informed choice.

Labour & Birth at Ode’imin
When you arrive at Ode’imin, your midwife will first assess you. This generally means taking your vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, temperature) and listening to the fetal heart rate. In many cases, a cervical examination is performed to determine how you are progressing in labour. If you are in active labour, you will be admitted to one of our four birth rooms. The birth room is where you will progress through labour, give birth to your baby, and then rest for three to six hours after the birth.

The birth rooms are spacious and can accommodate doulas, support people, photographers, and/or family members. There is no limit on the amount of people you can have with you, provided there is enough room for the midwife and birth centre assistant. They are also full of amenities to help you birth.

Comfort Measures for Labour and Birth
While in labour at Ode’imin, your midwife will help you find comfort measures that are appropriate for you. These may include:

Tub and shower: You can use the tub or the shower, as water is relaxing and reduces the experience of pain during labour. People who have birthed in water often report having very positive experiences being in water during labour.

Massage: Have your partner or doula massage your shoulders, arms, legs, or back during labour.

Birth Balls: Yoga and peanut balls can help open your pelvis through rocking and positioning.

A heating pad or cold pack: A heating pad or ice pack placed against your back can reduce muscle tension, improve circulation, and numb pain.

Music: Make a playlist of your favorite relaxing songs. Wifi is available at Ode’imin

Nitrous Oxide/Laughing Gas: This is available at Ode’imin; however narcotics and and epidurals are not available. If you need more pain relief than these comfort measures provide, you may wish to be transferred to the hospital so these options are available to you.


Thanks to my amazing midwives and the staff at (Ode'imin) for helping me through one of the hardest and most rewarding days of life.

— Candice
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