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  • Front Desk: 204-594-0900
  • Midwifery Intake: 204-947- 2422;307

Midwifery Intake

Our intake line is open. Please call us at 204-947-2422 ext. 307. Complete the Midwifery Interest Form at www.whcbirthcentre.com/findamidwife or complete and fax the Midwifery Services Referral Form to request a midwife. 

Scheduled Appointments

We are continuing with midwifery appointments. Some will be by telephone and some will be in-person.

You will be screened before your first appointment and in-person when you attend your appointments.

We will ask:

Have you or anyone in your household:

  1. Had new onset of cold or flu-like symptoms (cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat, weakness or headache)?
  2. Returned from travel outside Manitoba in the last 14 days?
  3. Had exposure to a confirmed COVID-19 case within 14 days? 
  4. Had close contact with someone being tested for COVID-19 at this time?
  5. Been instructed to self-isolate or self-monitor for 14 days?
  6. Had a COVID test in the past 14 days and waiting for results?

If any of these questions apply to you, a midwife will discuss options for visiting you in your home or in hospital. During home visits, midwives wear personal protective equipment.

If your answers to any of the above questions change at any time, please notify your midwife ASAP.

Please note: Currently, only the pregnant person and one support person may attend appointments.

Currently, we are not offering childminding at the Birth Centre. If you have more than one support person, they will be asked to wait outside, so please plan accordingly.

We strongly encourage handwashing and physical distancing. We ask that you sanitize your hands when you arrive and to allow our front desk staff some physical space. We will provide you with a medical mask upon entry.

Labour and Delivery

We pre-screen every pregnant person and support person during admission. If the screening questions apply to you, you may be redirected to the hospital for labour and birth.

Currently a pregnant person can have one support person with them for their labour, delivery, and postpartum care at the Birth Centre. They can have an additional visitor, if they AND the visitor both provide proof of full vaccination. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your midwife.

NorthernStar Mothers Milk Bank Drop Site

We continue to accept milk donations but please call us first at 204-594-0900. If you are a first-time donor or want to donate, visit www.northernstarmilkbank.ca and call 1-403-475-6455 BEFORE calling or coming to the Birth Centre.

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening (UNHS)

The UNHS program continues to see clients at the Birth Centre. They will be pre-screened by phone before their appointment and screened in-person when they come to their appointment. They can have one support person attend their appointment with them. Medical masks will be provided upon arrival.



Thanks to my amazing midwives and the staff at (Ode'imin) for helping me through one of the hardest and most rewarding days of life.

— Candice
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